2.3 // Sex + Self-Image

From the minute I met Dr. Teri Murphy, I knew she was going to be very special to me. She has a warm, inviting energy that is full of love and absent of any judgement. Rocket Scientist and Professor of Graduate Counseling: today we talk about SEX! How self-image is entwined with how we feel about ourselves in the bedroom. We open up about purity culture aftermath and how to not feel self-conscious during sex. Above all, Teri’s sweet wisdom is a healing salve to victims of sexual trauma.


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In this episode:

  • Everything is connected
  • Rocket Science
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Victim Blaming + Rape Myths
  • Purity Culture Aftermath
  • My wedding night
  • Our bodies want to have sex
  • How to talk about it with kids + other adults
  • How to not be self-conscious during sex
  • What real life sex looks like
  • Where are men coming from?
  • Who I am is more than my physicality and my sexuality


The Lord of the Rings
Doctor Who
The Heart + The Bottle by Oliver Jeffers
The Notebook
Marilyn Monroe

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