2.2 // How to Create Your Makeup Look + Drag Queen Wisdom

Lawrie has been a mentor of mine for the last five years. She is an esteemed Aveda Makeup Purefessional, leads teams for major international fashion weeks, and teaches Aveda signature techniques around the country. In this episode, we chat about what makes makeup successful, how to create a look that showcases you, and what makes her feel most beautiful at home. She also shares timeless wisdom from the ultimate statement makers, the drag queens who raised her. Check it out!


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In this episode:

  • Aveda Purefessionals
  • “Character Driven” makeup, not coverup
  • People are more beautiful because of what they’ve gone through
  • Your energy introduces you before you do
  • Helping people design how they present themselves
  • Transitioning from being “pretty” to being Lawrie
  • How to do makeup that represents who you are
  • Where to start when designing your look
  • Weekly washing beauty hack
  • Beauty lessons from Drag Queens
  • Embracing what makes you different
  • Learning to push the boundaries of the comfort zone
  • Making your style “A Moment”
  • Beauty is an experience
  • The hyper-feminine stereotype
  • Using “pretty” to your advantage
  • People look better when they’re relaxed

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