1.12 // How the Enneagram Reveals Your True Beauty

SEASON 1 FINALE! Today we discuss the Enneagram as a tool to tap into what's going on inside + express the beauty in being the most authentic version of ourselves. We chat with Anna Skates, 9, children's author from 1.2, Melissa Greene, 8, Pastor + co-founder w/ Anna of Imaginarium from 1.11, and Teri Murphy, 3, PhD + therapist who teaches healthy sexuality. These brilliant women lead us down the most beautiful rabbit trails of self-acceptance + belonging, cracking me up the whole time! 


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In this episode:

  • Exposure to ourselves
  • Clarity of our patterns
  • Our greatest strength is our greatest weakness
  • Being admired is not the same as being loved
  • The true self is what people actually want to be around
  • How we instill what true beauty is in our kids
  • The disconnect between health + beauty
  • Beauty is holistic
  • Complimenting people based on more than what they look like
  • You have to really know someone to recognize them on a deeper level
  • Why are we styling ourselves a particular way?
  • Identifying our internal motivation
  • Enneagram's Healing Attitudes
  • The Pretty Industry


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