1.10 // Rollergirls

My friend Megan McCormick is a retired captain of the Nashville Rollergirls. During her 8 years on the team, she learned to recognize beauty in strength, assertiveness, and the confidence that comes from playing your part in a bigger story. She also shares how her recent meditation practice has helped her cultivate empathy and a culture of kindness.


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In this episode:

  • What is Roller Derby?
  • A game for all types of women
  • Beauty looks different on everyone
  • Beauty is not a finite resource, We’re not going to run out
  • Exercise gives us a natural glow
  • Pretty vs Beautiful vs Confident
  • Bigger apart of something bigger than you
  • No one thinks about you as much as you do
  • Meditation
  • Empathy + Kindness


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Bonus // Meditation Apps:

Insight Timer

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