1.6 // Feeling Hot vs Looking Beautiful

Nada Taha has quite the reputation around Nashville: Creative Director / Owner of Blind Copy Creative, previous on air personality for the Bobby Bones Show, & 40 Under 40 Class of 2017. Those lucky enough to call her friend mostly just think about her love of cats + pizza. We got to chat about when your story becomes your style, becoming who you surround yourself with, & challenging the status quo. She also shared great insight on filling your life with the things that light you up. Enjoy!


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In this episode:

  • How your story turns into your personal style
  • Looking appropriate for your work environment
  • Taking effort with your self-image says you care
  • You are who you surround yourself with
  • Hair + makeup just accentuates who you are inside
  • Having a strong skin care routine
  • Looking Hot vs. Feeling Beautiful
  • Filling your life with empowering, inspiring women
  • Freedom in the authenticity of close relationships
  • Filling up on beautiful things
  • Activities that force you to grow
  • Introversion / Extroversion: Allowing yourself to recharge
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Removing toxicity from our lives

If you surround yourself with beautiful, smart women, you’re going to feel beautiful and smart.” - @nadameansnothin

“Clothes and makeup are just fabric and pigment until the wearer brings them to life.” - @taylornick


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