1.2 // How Dinosaurs Help Express Your Truest Self

This is Anna Skates, ya’ll. Lady pastor, author, illustrator, activist, and vocalist. Occasionally all at the same time. Remember when Mr. Darcy said he had a hard time finding a truly accomplished woman? Well, here she is. We got to chat about using fashion to express your true self, what kids teach us about beauty, and why self-consciousness is actually an important part of the journey. AND. SO. MUCH. MORE. Buckle up, friend. You’re in for a treat.


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In this episode:

  • The power of color
  • Expressing your true self through fashion
  • Love of thrifting
  • Being a female religious leader
  • Downplaying beauty to be “professional”
  • What kids teach us about beauty
  • How to teach kids about self-love
  • Prettiness vs. Beauty
  • Beauty points to something bigger than us
  • How creating art is like discovering your own beauty
  • Why self-consciousness is part of the journey
  • Hair + makeup as a means of expressing what’s going on inside
  • How do you want to exist in the world?
  • What does beauty feel like?
  • How do we talk about beauty to adolescent girls in our lives?


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