2.8 // Je Ne Sais Quoi... from Paris!

Annabelle is a bright flash of color in a sepia world. I met her this week when my husband and I visited Paris for our 10 year anniversary! She is a personal shopper, specializing in vintage, in the ever-lovely Montmartre neighborhood. We sat down to chat about what makes French fashion so iconic, how we can channel our Je Ne Sais Quoi, and why it’s so important to try new things to learn about ourselves. This one is so fun and I can’t wait for you to hear it! Allons-y!


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“Je ne sais Quoi is something you can’t describe that makes you sparkle - that makes you magic.”

In this episode:

  • What makes Montmartre special

  • How your body tells a story

  • Why it’s important to learn what you don’t like

  • What defines French style?

  • Take care of you and don’t pretend to be someone else

  • The magic of red lipstick

  • Je Ne Sais Quoi

  • You feel beautiful when you feel loved

  • “My body is not perfect, but I love it.”

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Why getting dressed up or wearing PJ’s are both great options

  • Everyday you should learn something new about yourself

  • Only buy what you’re in love with

Let’s Hang:

Taylor // IG @taylornick // taylornick.com
Annabelle // IG @annagramatshabo

La Vie En Rose played on a winding music box I got from a toy store in Paris.

Special thanks to Nashville based musicians, Vance Fite and Matt Kass, for creating the theme music for Pretty Please!