2.7 // Loving Others

In this episode, we chat with TODAY in Nashville’s Kelly Sutton! After 17 years of interviewing the who’s who of country music, she shares why she believes people like Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks stand out from the crowd. We talk about how all creatives sometimes struggle with inadequacy, the power of an alter-ego, and how the most beautiful people shift the focus to those around them. So many golden nuggets here and I can’t wait to share!


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“The most beautiful people shine the light on those around them. Radiance cannot flow out of a person that thinks only of themself.”

In this episode:

  • CMA Award Red Carpet Atmosphere

  • What makes Dolly so lovely?

  • Reflecting energy

  • Authenticity

  • Making other people feel important

  • Glam Costumes + Alter-Egos

  • Feeling inadequate

  • The beautiful feeling of caring for someone else

  • Feeling truly seen

  • Pretty is as pretty does


My Week With Marilyn
Johnathan Kayne
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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