2.6 // Meditation

KK Lagan is a Certified Meditation Teacher, and one of my close friends and personal spiritual guides. Today we discuss meditation, how it affects our minds, our bodies, our relationships and all of our experiences. We dive into topics that have been incredibly influential for my personal path of inner peace, and I am filled with love at the thought of getting to share this special conversation with you all.

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In this episode:

  • Prayer without ceasing

  • Aligning yourself before going out into the world

  • Having a safe, quiet place

  • Tuning in with the mysteries around us

  • The music is in the space between the notes

  • Universal Consciousness

  • Tao Te Ching

  • Meditation Myths

  • Your physical body is an outward expression of how you think

  • How meditation affects the brain

  • Increasing your happiness

  • Why the singing bowls?

  • Auras

  • How does it affect self-image?

  • Empathy for others

Let’s Hang:

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KK // IG @kklagan

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