2.5 // Celebrity Images + Real Life

Do you get overwhelmed by the perfect images online? Let me introduce you to one of my best friends, Justin McIntosh. Reba’s VP of Creative + Marketing, he gives us the inside scoop of what goes into celebrity images. We talk about retouching, the professionals it takes to create an image, and the apps that are available so the average Jane can make her IG look like a celeb feed. He reminds us that there is an actually human behind each photo and that we never know the full story.


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In this episode:

Creating celebrity looks
Everything you see if retouched
How retouching can be done well
When you take the lines away, you take away the emotion
Would I say this comment if the person what standing in front of me?
You can be authentic and real and still play dress up
Professional stylists and retouchers are expensive
Crafting lovely images is an art
You’re never seeing the full picture online
Feminine vs Masculine beauty
A lifetime of insecurity
Pour your heart into what you love

Let’s Hang:

Taylor // IG @taylornick // taylornick.com
Justin // IG @jtmc1224 + @becominghusbands

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