Beauty is a feeling.

Our bodies alert us when we are in the presence of something lovely. We feel it gazing at a sunset or from a captivating person. After seven years of styling red carpet shows, fashion week, studio shoots, and in salons I’ve noticed when someone loves who they are, their natural radiance outshines hair and makeup. I feel called to help others recognize the magic they have inside and equip them to express it through their outer style. I believe the glow of a heart ignited is what others feel as beauty when they are in your presence.

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Taylor Nick is an incredible artist. My style and look have never looked so great. My favorite part is that it’s maintainable! She’s incredible and I am ecstatic! You have my business for life!
— Lauryn Snapp
Taylor remains the only human on Earth I trust with my hair. I sing her praises at every opportunity.
— Sara Stephens
The insanely talented Taylor always takes it to the next level! She is knowledgeable, caring and always very attentive and in tune with my needs. A big THANK YOU!
— Lindsay Barrier